Are you Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired? 

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If you're reading this, we know your time, energy and money are extremely valuable.

You have a burning desire to optimize your health by any means necessary. 

You do everything you can to eat nourishing foods, exercise with weights and avoid the “sick care” medical system. 


You KNOW you live in the most toxic society in history.

Your body is under chemical assault every single day.

You recognize that most doctors have forgotten their original oath: 

“First do no harm.”

Not to mention the countless fraudulent internet charlatans who offer zero credibility.

Let's be real. 

You want the extreme self-awareness required to THRIVE in a world only a handful of human beings exist in.

The world of 'the fully optimized' in which Jay Campbell & Daniel Kelly live every single day.
Jay Campbell is a world-renowned author and thought leader on health optimization. 

He has written four best selling books, two of which, The TOT Bible and The TRT MANual, are the #1 5 STAR RATED books on Hormonal Optimization. 
Jay receives messages from men all over the world who have completely turned their lives around by following his work.

Jay has spent the last 25 years in the trenches biohacking himself to KNOW what works and what doesn't.

He has helped untold numbers of men and women just like Carl. 
If you want to look exactly like his wife Monica and he does at 47 and 48 years old.
He is the right person to get you there.

Without a doubt, Jay's single greatest transformation was with his protege and co-author Daniel Kelly.

Four years ago at the age of only 28 Daniel found himself suffering the anguish of low testosterone. 

He was anxious, depressed, with no sex drive and had completely lost enthusiasm for life. 

Under Jay's guidance he saw an incredible transformation - not only in his physique, but his entire life.
Daniel's physical transformation served as a massive catalyst for change, as he went on to set up his own business and write a bestselling book on men's health.
If there's ANYTHING you should take away from Daniel's inspiring evolution, it's this:
 the “sick care” medical system IS BROKEN
You will not live a long life of happiness, health and vitality by relying on the “sick care” medical system. 
You ABSOLUTELY cannot become a high-performance man or woman by doing what everybody else around you does.
Did You Know?
  • In September 1983, less than 10% of American adults were obese.
  • ​In 2018, 40% of all American adults were obese, and another 30% were overweight. 
  • The average 5’ 7” tall American who weighed 160 pounds in 1983 now weighs 207 pounds (gaining 1.25 pounds every year since then).
  • This weight gain has contributed to hormonal deficiencies, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, most cancers, kidney failure, and dementia and is increasing FIVE to SEVEN TIMES FASTER than the population is growing.
Do You Understand what this data is saying?

70% of All Adults in the USA are FAT and on their way to early death from age related disease!!!

Is this the life you want for yourself and your children?
By Jay Campbell and Daniel Kelly
Living a Fully Optimized Life
Living A Fully Optimized Life is a 100%-actionable, 0%-bullshit, blue print guide combining over 35+ years of intel on everything and anything related to optimal health into a 90 minute read and viewing (with the optional instructional video).

Its the fast-track to completely transforming your health and taking complete control of your life's destiny.

While I don’t personally endorse “cheat sheets” and so-called “hacks”, this is literally as comprehensive as it gets when it comes to summarizing all of our authoritative resources into a single book and video.
And to prove it to you.

Here is EXACTLY what you'll get when you CHOOSE to invest in Living A Fully Optimized Life:

Chapter 1: “Illness Medicine Is Not The Answer”
  • Why taking 100% control of your personal health has NEVER been easier, despite what the broken medical establishment tells you
Chapter 2: “Trust Your Gut - The Importance Of Gut Health and Microbiome Function”
  • ​How eating GMO foods is destroying your health 
  • Why books and articles in the mainstream media about Metformin being “dangerous” are mis-leading and wholly inaccurate
Chapter 3: “Natural Optimization And The Importance Of Being Lean”
  • 7 deadly causes of extremely poor health, and how to prevent the vast majority of disease.
Chapter 4: “Why Fasting And Metabolic Flexibility Matters”
  • ​Exactly why the idea of a “best diet” is a complete lie
Chapter 5: “Hormonal Optimization Done For You (Male & Female)
  • THREE done-for-you protocols for men and women on optimizing their hormonal health (Learn how to use Testosterone and maintain your fertility)
Chapter 6: “Fundamental Principles Of Resistance And Endurance Training For Your Age & Goals”
  • The vital principles of weight training for building a muscular body (ignore them and you’ll end up looking the same way forever)
Chapter 7: “Supplementation To Thrive In A Fully Optimized Life”
  • Every single supplement and Medication YOU MUST USE to forge an awe inspiring physique
Chapter 8: “Mindset Is Critical”
  • The #1 commitment you MUST make for fully optimized health 
Chapter 9: “Why Being Mindful & Spiritually Fit Is Essential
  • How to silence your mind in the face of addictive tech, distraction and stress
Chapter 10: “Biohacking Tools For Maximum Optimization”
  • Every state-of-the-art optimization tech for maximum performance
BONUS CHAPTER: “The Dangers Of Technology”
  • How modern-day technology is killing us (it might be happening to you now)
Now, allow us to be crystal-clear...

...this is NOT a book about theories, scientific studies or “what if” scenarios.

Jay and Daniel give you a deep dive into their personal lives, showing you step-by-step what they do to become pillars of health to hundreds of thousands of men and women worldwide.

You’ll be able to take this information and IMMEDIATELY APPLY it for extraordinary results.

But be warned: 

Meaningful and lasting change only starts when you choose to become a PROACTIVE SCIENTIST of your own health.
Living a Fully Optimized Life is the master key for permanently unhooking yourself from the failed global healthcare system and radically altering the trajectory of your life.

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  • Three months of OptimizedForever Premium & Bonus 4th month for a limited time
  • ​1-Hour Bonus Video from Daniel and Jay
  • ​Living a Fully Optimized Life PDF
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  • Three months of OptimizedForever Premium & Bonus 4th month for a limited time
  • ​1-Hour Bonus Video from Daniel and Jay
  • ​Living a Fully Optimized Life PDF
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